Moov was created from an equal passion in both electronic music and a health and fitness oriented lifestyle. With extensive agency and travel experience, our goal is to inspire, motivate and help to give the right tools to sustain a healthy and successful life and career in the industry. Do what you love, and feel the absolute best you can while doing it! Moov artists are the complete package, not only professionally in their craft but also as all-round individuals.

Moov was created to bring a new type of awareness to the electronic music industry. The industry is well known for its extensive traveling and often strenuous schedule, with parties lasting from nights to mornings and back into nights again. Often times it may be difficult to stay on a healthy track and to take care of oneself. Moov is a management that combines the two worlds. We bring our artists a more balanced and mindful approach to their careers, by integrating a more holistic approach in management. In this way they will develop a better understanding of what is needed to further the career not only musically or in popularity, but also to be the best version of themselves. We strive to represent music producers and DJ’s globally while advocating a healthy lifestyle management.


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